- Lube oil and filter service

Major and Minor mechanical repairs

- seals

- head gaskets

- valve grinds

- rings

- bearings

- cooling system

- belts and hoses



Engine performance

- tune-ups

- ignition, coil on plug, plug wires &spark plugs

- distributor cap and rotor

- fuel system service

- fuel pumps tanks and filters

- fuel injector flush or replacement

- on board computer diagnostics, inputs and actuators

Check your vehicle's fuel economy here



- lighting

- wipers

- heaters

- electric windows and door locks

- batteries, charging system, alternators

- voltage regulators, starters

- wiring, trailer wiring & gauges

Transmission service and repair

- differential

- transfer case

- driveshafts

- u-joints

- cv shafts, boots and joints

- wheel bearings and seals


More on fuel and related to system
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